Make money playing Battle of the Bulge

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In cooperation with the developers at Shenendoah Studios, we’re pleased to announce a tournament for Battle of the Bulge on the iOS with $500 of prize money at stake. Some of which will go to people who aren’t even necessarily good at the game! Basically, if you play through one match, your name goes into the drawing for one of three randomly drawn $50 prizes. And these aren’t spacebucks or Qt3dollars or Microsoft points. These are bona fide US dollars.

Read the details in this thread. To enter, post in the thread or email [email protected] if you’d rather not register for the forum. The deadline is February 15th. Good luck, soldier!

Disclaimer: Battle of the Bulge may result in rethinking your perspective on wargames. No bulges were harmed in the making of this game. Do not taunt Patton. I’m pretty sure that painting up there, Battle of the Bulge by Robert Blair, is terrible, but I don’t want to be rude and maybe he was going for a state of mind rather than an actual representation of something. No states are exempt from this tournament, including CA, CO, DE, HI, GO, and WE. Employees of Quarter to Three and their families not eligible. Sorry, Mom.