The Iceman cometh to Marvel Heroes

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I’m mainly telling you this so I can use that headline up there, but Marvel Heroes’ latest playable superhero is Iceman. From Gazillion’s press release, it seems Iceman was one of the original fab five X-Men:

Making his debut in THE X-MEN #1, Iceman was one of the first five mutants to sign on as a student at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, alongside Cyclops, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey’s codename at the time), Beast and Angel.

Wait, Marvel Girl and Jean Grey are the same person? Man, comic books are confusing.

And speaking of icemen, another recent Marvel Heroes addition is the Winter Soldier, Captain America’s nemesis from the last movie. He was also probably in some comic book or another.

You can buy a deluxe Iceman pack with costumes and a few other gee-gaws for $18 here or you can get him in-game for the usual rate of 900 Marvelbucks for a new character. Marvel Heroes — which is free-to-play, but not in a dirty way — remains the finest Diablo clone that isn’t actually Diablo 3.