Valentine’s Day with Rome 2 and Company of Heroes 2 isn’t a cuddly affair

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Make War Not Love 2 is the way Creative Assembly and Relic Entertainment celebrate Valentine’s Day. From today until February 15th, players of these two games have a chance to win fabulous prizes as well as grind their enemies’ bones into dust. By battling in the respective games, players will contribute to a total score. The game with the highest score at the end of the tournament will get free DLC for its players. Fans of Total War: Rome 2 will get the Black Sea Colonies DLC for free, as well as unannounced DLC for the upcoming Total War: Attila if their score ends as the highest. Company of Heroes 2 players will get special Valentine’s skins and decals if they win. Both games have added special achievements that can only be acquired during this contest. It’s Panzers versus trebuchets! Rifle versus gladius!

The Total War: Rome 2 and Company of Heroes 2 games are currently on sale.