Revan is a bad guy again in the new Old Republic expansion

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Who can keep Darth Revan’s status straight without a scorecard? As the player character in BioWare’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, you could choose to take him down the light or dark side depending on your whims. Rescue the space cat from the tree or kill everyone and steal their belongings? What a quandary! In the 2004 sequel, Revan zipped off to parts unknown to deal with some cosmic tomfoolery and only appeared in the game as a minor distraction, but he continued to pop up in books and comics throughout the years. You can’t keep a good bad guy down. Revan is coming to Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Shadow of Revan expansion features a threat from the sometimes villain and his band of merry fanatics. Along with adding Revan and his gang, the MMO’s level cap is increasing to 60, two worlds are opening up to explorers, and a new Discipline system is replacing the game’s current skill trees.

While Skill Trees appear on the surface to provide flexibility and choice, in practicality they give very little of either. Players of a skill tree all tend to take the same skills in roughly the same order, with only minor variations on which utility choices they pick up by the end of their leveling system. With Disciplines, we can focus on creating strong and fun play styles from level 10 on, without having to worry about how people are spending 50 skill points and whether some people are making bad decisions or if others are finding crazy untested combinations that vastly exceed what we want to happen.

Shadow of Revan launches on December 9th for Star Wars: The Old Republic.