The “been there, done that” of Defenders of Ardania

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Most Wanted Entertainment is excited to introduce Defenders of Ardania, a tower defense game built out of Majesty 2. In this developer diary, designer Andras Klujber explains that this is tower defense, but with a twist. We all know that you can defend in a tower defense game, but what Defenders of Ardania supposes is…what if you could attack?

If the enemies and us both have a base, and “good will” is spewed forth against us in endless hordes, why shouldn’t we return it in kind?

This is how it came to be that Defenders of Ardania put a little twist in the tower defense style and smuggled in the possibility of sending units…Just think about it! The enemies attacking us in waves are still there, but being forced to defend is now extended with the possibility of striking back.

Defenders of Ardania also has three playable races, hero units, spell powers, unit upgrades, multiplayer, and a storyline. It sounds to me like Most Wanted has inadvertently made a real time strategy game.

I don’t mean to be a jerk, since I’m looking forward to whatever Most Wanted decides to do with Majesty 2. Tower defense games have plenty of room for new ideas. For instance, the recent Warzone Anomoly tasks you with managing a convoy working its way through defensive towers.

But the supposed unique twist in Defenders of Ardania is in no way unique. Allow me to again mention a really cool game on the Playstation Network called Comet Crash. It seems at first blush like straight-up tower defense, but it introduces the mechanic of building barracks that gradually accumulate an offensive army. In addition to the usual tower defense gameplay, you have to decide how much to invest in barracks, what sort of counterattack you’ll assemble, when you’ll loose it, and what you’ll do to manage its attack path. Comet Crash even has multiplayer, and it works particularly well for two players in the same room, playing on the same screen.

So, yeah, Most Wanted, that’s a cool idea for Defenders of Ardania. I’ve been enjoying it for the last few years.