The Stomping Land walks away

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Hunting dinosaurs while trying to survive as a native jungle-dweller? Survival crafting blended with dino taming sounded like genius. Too bad SuperCrit, the developer of The Stomping Land, seems to have dropped off the planet. The game launched on Steam’s early access program in May, after successfully raising over $114,000 in support from Kickstarter, but actual communication with the developer has been less than satisfactory. Although a patch was released on June 26th, there’s been nary a word otherwise. After a couple of months with nothing from the developer, Valve has apparently disabled the ability to purchase the game from the Steam store.

Kotaku did manage to talk with SuperCrit head Alex Fundora in early August, but he only stated that development was going strong and that the game would be retooled to use Unreal Engine 4. Unfortunately, SuperCrit’s public relations person was a freelance worker and announced back in May that his contract had run out.

You can still see the listing to marvel at the concept, but there’s no way to purchase it. We’ve reached out to Valve and SuperCrit for comments.