Are you ready for sixteen new places to Mario Kart 8? What about a Cat Peach?

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One part of me is bummed to see Nintendo going the route of bilking customers for post-release DLC that, arguably, should have been in the game in the first place. But another bigger part of me is elated at the promise of 16 more tracks for the irresistible Mario Kart 8.

For eight bucks, you get three new characters, who are only cosmetic (although it’s hard to argue that a Cat Peach driver isn’t far and away the best way to play any Mario Kart); four new vehicles, which will presumably have effects on your kart’s basic stats; and eight new courses, which is like a whole new game, given how varied and imaginative the existing courses already are.

The first pack, out in November, will be Legend of Zelda themed and the second pack, out next year in May, will be Animal Crossing themed. If you buy both packs up front, it only costs $12 and you get a whole mess of colors for your Yoshi. If you care about that sort of thing. Frankly, with a Cat Peach in the pack, who cares what color you make that silly little lizard guy.