Night Trap ReVamped is a trap

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Hollywood and Silicon Valley converging to create the future of entertainment! What could go wrong? Plenty. Thankfully, we got over our obsession with grainy full-motion video, but not before hundreds of interactive movie games shipped in the 1990’s. While there were some standout entries like Mad Dog McCree (recently spoofed by The Gunstringer: Wavy Tube Man Chronicles) most of the genre was filled with dreck like Quantum Gate and Thunder in Paradise. King among the pile of terrible FMV games was the infamous Night Trap. It’s a perfect example of everything that was wrong about these productions. The marketing and controversy promised sexy slumber party shenanigans and scary vampire ninja attacks, but what players got was Dano Plato just before she went off the deep end and gameplay that made Pachinko seem deep.

The remains of Digital Pictures, the original developers of Night Trap, want to bring its special brand of terrible to a new generation of game systems. Night Trap ReVamped needs $330,000 of Kickstarter pledges to translate all the goofy stop and go video tomfoolery to PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

The ability of computers and gaming platforms to display richly vibrant and full-res video has finally caught up with the vision we had almost thirty years ago of what full-motion-video products ought to look like: interactive television which, despite all the promises, has never arrived.

Night Trap LLC will explore the possibility of bringing all of Digital Pictures’ library into the modern era if this Kickstarter is successful. Imagine it! Kids can enjoy Power Factory Featuring C+C Music Factory and Sewer Shark just as much as we all did when they first appeared on the Mega-CD. If we had to play this garbage, they should too.