This is the smarmiest person in Arma III

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Meet Guy. He’s the lamest character I could come up with in Arma III’s virtual arsenal. Look at him! He’s got a cigarette behind his ear, a bandanna that was too weak for Call of Duty: Ghosts, and he’s wearing white cowboy boots. That’s a starter pistol in his hands, so he’s useless in combat as well. I wouldn’t buy a used car from this person, yet he’s ready for (in)action in Arma III. I can’t wait to make a mission using the in-game scenario editor in which the players will have to escort Guy through a battlefield. Or maybe a hot tub sales convention.

The wardrobe and infantry testing area is part of the free Bootcamp Update that came out earlier this week. Besides the dress-up module, Bohemia Interactive added VR training missions and a prologue to the single player campaign to ease newbies into the particular style of infantry gameplay the Arma series offers. The developers have also revamped the fatigue and weapon sway mechanics as well as crushing a few bugs.