War for the Overworld tiptoes ever closer to infringement

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War for the Overworld, Brightrock Games’ dungeon management game, has never been shy about its inspiration. Despite its 2015 whiz-bang graphics and quality of life improvements, War for the Overworld is as much of a follow-on as possible to the classic Dungeon Keeper in every way short of a lawsuit from Electronic Arts, the current license owner of the franchise. The latest addition makes that connection even more explicit. The My Pet Dungeon DLC, available today, adds a sandbox campaign similar to the My Pet Dungeon mode in Dungeon Keeper 2. Completing the eight mission campaign unlocks God Mode, allowing dungeonmasters access to all sorts of in-game cheats and developer tools.

The developers at Brightrock say May Pet Dungeon was made possible by the strong sales for the Heart of Gold DLC, which financed continued updates and support for the game. Josh Bishop, managing director at Brightrock, says they will likely make one more bit of DLC for War for the Overworld before moving on to their next project.