The newest playable faction in Dominions 4 goes both ways

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Ragha is a dual kingdom of fire and ice, rage and serenity. Half of the population are Abysian descendants from the isolated colony of Tur, and half the population are Airyan refugees from Caelum.

So here’s the deal. A bunch of fire warriors get attacked by some flying ice people. But then a civil war breaks out in the homeland of the flying ice people, so the attackers aren’t sure if the war is still on. While they’re waiting on the civil war to shake out, they settle peacefully alongside the fire warriors they were attacking. Many years later, the result is the Ragha, a mixed race of fire and ice people where the rulers take turns based on whether it’s summer or winter. Bipartisan politics at its finest!

The Ragha thrive differently in either extreme of temperatures, and you can play them in Dominions 4. Some of their units can only be recruited in places where it’s really hot or really cold. “Wrong temperature” the tooltip says as you go down the line checking which units you can build.

The Ragha are available as a free update to Dominions 4.