Rust is starting over because assassins are killing the code

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Rust is starting over. Facepunch Studios has announced that the “experimental” build of Rust on Steam will now be installed along with the main version. Players can easily choose which one to launch and see the progress being made as they rebuild the systems. Garry Newman told PCGamesN that they’re scrapping everything in their multiplayer survival game because much of the code was based on a concept for a different game. Cash4Kills was an open world assassination prototype that was abandoned in favor of Rust. Unfortunately, it sounds like Cash4Kills was a more intriguing game.

“The one thing we don’t like about the latest Hitman games is that the game seems to be about finding out what the level designer wants you to do, rather than just working out the best place to kill a guy. We wanted it to be all free-form, with bullet entry stats, bonuses for clean kills and for being unspotted, sharable replays, then cash rewards in a backend that you could use to buy new weapons etc. So you’d only get one chance at a kill and if you fucked it up you couldn’t replay, you’d have to wait for the next contract via your real email.”

Newman and Facepunch hope that as people see more progress on the experimental branch, players will migrate and make it their default. Rust is available on Steam early access.