Star Citizen spends $20 million to put aquariums into space

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Roberts’ Space Industries announced that Star Citizen blew past another crowd-funding record. The $20 million stretch goal has been achieved unlocking first person combat on “select lawless planets.” It was just a scant couple of weeks since the first person shooter stretch goal was announced along with passing the $18 million funding milestone, but Chris Roberts revealed the next stretch goal. At $22 million, the developer will add better faces to the game using Infinite-Realities‘ scanning technology.

Roberts addressed concerns that the game could become a victim of feature creep by pointing out that they have two types of stretch goals. The first kinds of features are already being implemented but need funding to complete, and the second type being features that can actually speed development.

But both types of goals are carefully considered – we don’t commit to adding features that would hold up the game’s ability to go “live” in a fully functional state. Also remember that this is not like a typical retail boxed product – there is no rule that all features and content have to come online at the same time! As you can see from the Hangar Module we plan to make functionality and content come on line as it’s ready, so you should look at the stretch goals as a window into the future of functionality and content additions we plan for the live game.

In celebration of the new crowd-funded record, players are getting an aquarium added to their hangars! Will fish collecting be as popular as it was on Mass Effect’s Normandy?