Star Citizen may make space cowboys skin their irons

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Star Citizen, Chris Roberts’ crowd-funded space game, will add first-person combat if a newly announced $20 million stretch goal is attained. The game recently hit the $18 million mark, and continues to rack up an impressive pledge amount from backers. According to a post on the Roberts Space Industry site, the new stretch goal will add shooter gameplay to “select lawless planets” and allow players to “take the fight to the ground.”

“While goals will continue after $21 million, they will take a new form representative of what additional funding can add to the game!”

While mixing first-person shooter gameplay with spaceship piloting and trading in the same game has been explored with limited success before, this marks a significant addition to the Star Citizen concept. Ship-to-ship boarding actions were added to the game in a previous goal, but ground combat would be a major gameplay change. Hopefully, it turns out better than Universal Combat.

The Letter from the Chairman continues by explaining that prices for decorative items for the Hangar module will be reduced following player input. Roberts also reminds players that the initial entry package is all they will need to experience the game.