In Titanfall, 37 pieces of flair may not be enough to express yourself

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Titanfall is getting new game modes and Titan customization. Respawn revealed the planned update at the start of E3. The new game modes feature wrinkles on the current 6v6 formula. Marked for Death tasks each team with protecting a randomly picked member while trying to kill the opposing team’s marked person. Wingman LTS is a variant of Last Titan Standing that pairs players up to work in partnership to eliminate the other duos.

Limited Titan customization will also be part of the free update. Players will be able to choose from three different voice packs. “Betty” is the current voice, but “Lisa” and “Jeeves” are new and should offer some variety. Completing challenges will sometimes reward players with decals that can be applied to Titans for visual flair. New Burn Cards will include Titan-specific boosts instead of just ones for pilots.