Go left! No, right! It’s Dragon’s Lair: The Movie.

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Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, the creators of 1983 arcade classic Dragon’s Lair, want to make a big budget prequel film of Dirk the Daring and his escapades. Before they do that, they’re asking fans to cough up $550,000 so they can make a pitch video. They’ll take that reel to studios and ask them to finance the full movie production. Since they’re not Star Citizen, they can’t expect to raise the whole $70 million budget through crowd-funding. They have to rely on a more traditional studio deal, which means that even if the Kickstarter is successful, they may never actually make a movie.

It’s ironic that the project that has given us the greatest recognition is actually that video arcade game known as Dragon’s Lair, created back in the early 1980s. The game has an extremely loyal fan base – now estimated to be in the millions and with each generation it has picked up even more fans. And after 30 years, the game continues to sell as an app for smart phones, smart tablets and personal computers. Fans have been begging us to do a major motion picture. Just like Dirk the Daring, a character that just won’t die, the game marches on – it’s time to make the movie!

For gamers too young to have experienced Dragon’s Lair in the arcades, imagine playing Dark Souls, but after every time you died, you had to give up a quarter. The Dragon’s Lair: The Movie Kickstarter will end on November 25th.