Golf is boring, so PGA Tour 15 adds battleships to the game

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Electronic Arts’ E3 press briefing was full of bombast, but one game outdid them all with the promise of insane action. Dragon Age: Inquisition had severe people impaling each other with large swords. Criterion’s unnamed prototype racing game lets players wingsuit through towers and flip ATVs. Dawngate has lane defense and hero killing. Previews of a new Mass Effect game and Battlefront 3 had the promise of epic battles. The Sims 4 trailer had fisticuffs between a Jersey Shore reject and a grandmother. Battlefield Hardline features the most heavily armed cops ever commissioned blowing up buildings and killing robbers. But all of these were try-hards next to PGA Tour 15.

Not even the appearance of a virtually resurrected Bruce Lee in UFC could match the nuttiness of PGA Tour 15 which promises to give you “Golf Without Limits.” It’s powered by the Frostbite engine and has a naval warship from Battlefield 4 running aground and smashing into the golf course like Speed 2. Peter Moore told IGN that golf needed “rethinking” and “reimagining.” Drop Tiger Woods and add the dynamic event from Battlefield 4’s Paracel Storm map! Sounds like a plan. With explosions, maybe golf won’t be the screensaver for TV any longer.