Guild Wars 2 gets DVR functionality next month

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Maybe there’s too much new content in Guild Wars 2 for you. Maybe you missed some of the time-limited seasonal or story-based stuff. Maybe you’re not playing for the same reason you’re not watching some long running series like Dexter or Game of Thrones; because after a certain point, catching up is a whole lot more work than simply watching something else. But what’s worse about Guild Wars 2 is that there’s no way to catch up on some of the stuff that has passed you by.

Going forward, ArenaNet intends to change that with a new feature called a story journal, which is like a DVR for the time-limited content.

To unlock an episode and have it added to your story Journal, you simply need to log in to the game during the two-week period that the release is live to be given permanent, free access to the storyline of that episode. Once you’ve unlocked it by simply logging in, you can replay that episode’s storyline on any character on your account as many times as you like from your story Journal forever.

Any storylines you miss entirely can be purchased. Guild Wars 2 is also changing its approach to storyline achievements:

Achievements within story steps from episodes will operate very differently as well. Once one character on your account has completed an episode in their story journal, every character on your account will have access to a set of challenging achievements. At any time once unlocked, you can return and attempt to replay that episode in order to complete the achievements. The achievements will be much more difficult to complete than those traditionally found in Season 1, and are intended to be challenging achievements for skilled players to overcome. Each achievement will award both achievement points and material rewards.

Story journals go live with the debut of season two in July. Read more here.