Arma III’s go-karts usher in a new DLC strategy

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Bohemia Interactive’s April Fools’ joke was a commercial for go-karts in Arma III that parodied the infamous Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo truck video. Like the Tauntaun sleeping bag, the concept was too good to leave as a joke so the karts are now being offered as DLC for Arma III. Players that purchase the Kart DLC will get a selection of pint-sized race-cars, drivers, a starter pistol, and track objects to use in the editor. Take a break from shooting enemies and zip around the included racing scenario!

With the karts, Bohemia has announced a new strategy for their DLC offerings in Arma III, versus the way they handled DLC in Arma II. In an effort to not split the multiplayer community, mechanical features like new physics, ballistics, AI improvements and so on, will be free to all. Assets like the karts or the upcoming helicopters will be usable by non-buyers, but there’ll be an in-game nag about it and there may be other restrictions. The example used by Bohemia is that a non-owner may not be able to pilot a DLC helicopter, and only be allowed to board it as a passenger. DLC scenarios may be locked off as well to non-owners, but they’ll be able to join multiplayer servers using the new assets and even take part in user-created missions with the new equipment.

To explain the system a bit more thoroughly, while you’ll be able to use premium content everywhere – in singleplayer, the editor and multiplayer – if you haven’t yet purchased it, notifications will be shown. These become more prominent the longer you use an unowned asset – and only when you’re using it – we have no intention to present ‘ads’ to you when you are not actively playing with unowned content.

A DLC bundle that includes Karts as well as the upcoming Marksmen and Helicopters DLC is being offered with a 25% discount on buying the DLC separately.