State of Decay finally leaves Trumbull Valley

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At the end of State of Decay, you blow up a wall and escape from Trumbull Valley. Except in a zombie apocalypse, there’s really nowhere to escape to. So it’s back to Trumbull Valley. For the past year, developer Undead Labs has done their best to keep Trumbull Valley interesting and relevant with the Breakdown DLC. But eventually, you can’t drive around a bend in the road, look behind a rock, or cut through an alley without knowing the exact landscape you’re going to see on the other side. In an era of procedurally generated terrain, Trumbull Valley feels even smaller than it really is.

So it’s pretty exciting to finally go someplace new with the Lifeline DLC, which takes place in a new downtown environment. And which is out on Friday. Surprise! I wish more developers could spring their release dates on us three days in advance.

It’s also pretty exciting to have plenty of ammo, air strikes, and skilled soldiers for your early missions. Oh, look, I’ve found a hunting rifle and I don’t even need it because everyone already has a pair of assault rifles and my influence is topped out even though I just carelessly called in a pair of drone strikes. The idea is that you’ll gradually run low on supplies and, I presume, get overrun and eaten. But until then, Lifeline is a great way to give zombies the what-for in a new setting.