Infested Planet, the one game that doesn’t need a horde mode, gets one anyway

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Infested Planet, a really cool real time strategy game that isn’t quite like other real time strategy games, got an update over the weekend that adds a couple of things. The first is a command for your units to stop moving. If you’ve played Starcraft II, or even just watched people play Starcraft II, you might appreciate the value of tapping a button to tell your dudes to immediately stop moving and commence firing. It’s sort of a power-player tactic. And now you can do that in Infested Planet.

The other new feature is a horde mode. It had never occurred to me that Infested Planet should have a horde mode, partly because the game itself is a kind of horde mode. But now there’s a new scenario among the weekly challenges officially called “horde mode”. Whereas Infested Planet is normally about capturing territory, this mode is about defending territory. You get points for holding bases around the map, which gets increasingly difficult and eventually impossible as new waves of aliens spawn with new mutations that make them harder to defeat. You will eventually be driven back to a single base, which will eventually be overrun, at which point your score goes on the weekly list. Can you beat the 20,500 points I made with grenades and turrets? I think I’m going to try investing heavily in flamethrowers next time.