Future archeologists will wonder what the Eve Online monument was all about

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CCP has created a real-world physical monument to Eve Online and its players. The large sculpture was unveiled yesterday in Reykjavik, Iceland with onlookers, CCP fans, and city officials attending the dedication ceremony. If you were an active paying player of Eve Online on March 1st of this year, your main character’s name – the one with the highest amount of skill points – now adorns the base of the statue. (That’s assuming your main character’s name wasn’t in violation of copyright or offensive.) There’s even an online tool to find your name. Congratulations, Wolfblood Mountainwater and Sinfull Jester! You’ve been immortalized!

The artist, Sigurour Guomundsson, says the piece is entitled Worlds Within a World and is a reflection of the way Eve Online melds this world with its own reality.