Outlast and Daylight offer a double dose of dark hospital hallways

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Whistleblower, the add-on for Red Barrels Games’ first-person horror title Outlast will launch on May 6th for $8.99 on PC and PlayStation 4. The DLC was originally supposed to be released last month, but was delayed. Outlast: Whistleblower features more of the gameplay you know and love from all the videos of people screaming while playing the game. There will be more running from monsters, hiding in the dark, and saying “Nope!” while wandering the spooky rooms of Mount Massive Asylum.

In more horror asylum-related news, Daylight, the first-person horror game from Zombie Studios is out now on Steam. Daylight’s distinguishing features include the way it mixes level layouts from game to game to keep things fresh on new playthroughs, and how it integrates spectators in streams. People watching someone play Daylight on Twitch can type chat commands to cause things to happen in-game. So far, it means people spamming “meow meow meow meow meow” to get the game to play the sound of a screeching cat, which is arguably pretty horrifying. Daylight is available for $14.99.