Meridian: New World lands on early access with old world style

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Meridian: New World, the old-school real-time strategy title from Elder Games, is now available on Steam early access. Previews of the game in July of last year made a splash mostly because Elder Games is largely a studio of one. As hard as it is to believe, Ede Tarsoly wrote the story, programmed the game, and supplied most of the art for this old-school celebration of tiny space marines fighting over a resource-rich alien planet. It’s a throwback to the gather, build, and attack RTS formula, updated with modern graphics. There’s even dialog options when you talk to the crew and wander the command ship!

Multiplayer may be coming, but the work-in-progress is strictly single player at this time. An alpha version of the scenario and map editor has been released to buyers of the “Contributor” version of the game, and user-made maps have already been uploaded to the Steam Workshop.