Titanfall in dire need of a math tutor

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I’m still really enjoying Titanfall, and I’m pleased that Electronic Arts has provided it a stable and reliable online environment. I just wish they would address one thing.

After the jump, who taught you math?

Titanfall needs better matchmaking. Heck, it needs any kind of matchmaking. Because what kind of matchmaking lets a countdown timer start in this screen?


Here’s a closer look:


In case you don’t know how the levels work in Titanfall, they’re basically a matter of how much time you’ve played. You can see on the left side of the screen a pretty straightforward representation of players who have leveled up to levels 31, 5, and 24. On the right side of the screen, those bits of artwork next to the levels represent players who’ve done what’s called “regen”, which is like prestige levels in Call of Duty. Basically, they hit level 50 and then reset their progress in exchange for a level of regen. The other team is a group of players who have regenned 2, 2, 3, 8, and 5 times. In other words, that’s the number of times they’ve added 50 levels to their current level. My team of three people who are level 31, 5, and 24 is being pitted against a team of five people who are effectively level 148, 148, 198, 433, and 269. That’s lousy matchmaking on so many levels. As if the idea of a three vs five match wasn’t bad enough.