The Frog Fractions secret sequel won’t be called Frog Fractions 2

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Twinbeard Studios has launched a Kickstarter to make a sequel to Frog Fractions, their irreverent free “edutainment” game. (If you haven’t played Frog Fractions yet, please do so. It’s free and it’s quite the experience.) In keeping with the style of the original game, the proposed sequel will not actually be named Frog Fractions 2, and Kickstarter backers will not be directly told when it first releases. Designer Jim Crawford explained his strategy is meant to maintain the surprise for players.

Most Kickstarters are very detailed about what you’re paying for, but the nature of this one is that you’re paying for a surprise. I created Frog Fractions explicitly to evoke the air of mystery that all video games held in the 1980s, before the era of endless preview coverage and official strategy guides took that feeling away from us, seemingly permanently.

Backers will get their download codes and other rewards “once the jig is up,” meaning when articles begin appearing in the press about a new game that subverts expectations and destroys sanity through its gameplay. The Kickstarter currently stands at about halfway funded to its $60k goal.