Frozen Endzone will make jokes about your plays

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Frozen Endzone, Mode 7’s futuristic football game, has launched on Steam Early Access. The game has the turn-based simplicity and tense strategy of Frozen Synapse, but replaces guns and soldiers with a ball and robots. Steal the puck! Slam dunk the goalpost! For the beta, the developers have added features you’d expect in any good sports title like color commentary to add a dash of humor. Developer Paul Taylor explained the system on Gamasutra.

It’s entirely text-based so this gives us a massive amount of flexibility. Not only can commentators use the customised names of your players, but the AI can actually analyse your play and give them data about the viability of your decisions. They can have opinions that are actually somewhat based in reality.

Now, in the Early Access version, we have what is truly a first draft of this system. It works tolerably, it’s really exciting when you see relevant commentary for the first time and I was able to slip in a few jokes here and there but it’s so far away from what I want it to be eventually. I want to create something that is absolutely packed with original writing; something that people will quote to each other; something that really lives on its own.

Mode 7 plans to add a complete singleplayer campaign as well as the ability to edit robot teams’ appearance and stats by the time the game launches.