BattleBlock Theater is bringing platforming, bartering, and evil cat islanders to the PC

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Castle Crashers came out in 2008 for the Xbox 360. It then took two years to launch on the PlayStation 3, and another two years to come out on PCs. That was four long years for PC gamers to hold out before the sublime joy of co-op sidescrolling beat-em-up action against a giant pig could be experienced. It was a painful wait. Luckily, it appears The Behemoth won’t be making PC gamers wait forever for BattleBlock Theater. The developers announced that their 2013 Xbox 360 platformer is coming to PC exclusively via Steam soon. The beta will be starting on March 24th. The PC version of the game will come with new features like weapon switching, new enemies in story mode, Steam Workshop integration for sharing user-made levels, and a way to exercise your inner trader.

“Steam Inventory integration for trading! This allows users to trade and sell weapons, prisoners, gems and yarn via Steam.”

Valve makes a jillion dollars a year on DOTA 2 skins and Team Fortress 2 hats, so why not skim some money from BattleBlock trading as well?