Siege of Ogrimmar adds some Guild Wars to World of Warcraft

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That’s the trailer for Blizzard’s newest content and balance patch for World of Warcraft. It’s called Siege of Ogrimmar and it’s available for testing before the general rollout. The longtime leader of the orcs, Garrosh Hellscream, has gone insane and wants to create a new Horde from demonic agents. It’s a convenient excuse to set up all sorts of new shifted alliances and encounters, but the really interesting bit is the new area dubbed the Timeless Isle.

The Timeless Isle is filled with rare spawns, rare Elites, chests containing epic loot, and events that are all highly rewarding. When you find yourself in close proximity to any of these, you’ll see them pop up on your minimap, denoting their location and event type. Some won’t be simple to get to or easy to find, as many parts of the island are entangled with puzzles lost to time. Some involve more than a simple alert…but we’re not going to spoil the surprises, and we’re really looking forward to see how quickly players can unlock the island’s mysteries and hidden treasures.

Dynamic events that pop up as you get near? That sounds familiar.