Is Street Fighter IV Sagat better than Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Ryu?

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In their quest to make the Ultra Street Fighter IV the Alpha and Omega of fighting games, Capcom has announced the Edition Select feature that allows players to choose rulesets for their characters. Capcom’s Peter Rosas explained how the ability to mix and match playstyles would benefit the tournaments.

“With Edition Select, players can now pick between the Vanilla SFIV, Super SFIV, Super SFIV AE, Super SFIV AE ver. 2012 and Ultra SFIV versions of their favorite character and create matches could only take place in our dreams. Just thinking about Daigo using SFIV Ryu vs. Justin Wong using SSFIV Rufus is getting me pretty hype.”

Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available as an upgrade to Super Street Fighter IV or Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, or as a standalone title this June for consoles and in August for PCs.