Interstellar trick or treating in Space Pirates and Zombies

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I don’t want to embarrass anyone who may or may not be the online gaming service OnLive, but I noticed a recent Halloween related press release missing the point of trick-or-treating. The company promised “All Tricks No Treats With [insert name of a certain online gaming service] Halloween This Week”. That doesn’t exactly encourage me to knock on their door.

On the flip side, if you play Space Pirates and Zombies this weekend, you’ll notice the option for a Halloween mod is enabled by default. Leave that on. When the game starts, head for the nearest space station and dig the new “Trick or Treat” option. And don’t expect All Treats No Tricks. You’ll find a bunch of other adorable Halloween touches in Space Pirates and Zombies this weekend.

Another one of my favorite indie games, Dungeon Defenders, features costumes for the characters and a new Halloween mission, but only for PC users. Thanks, Microsoft, for no treats this Halloween!