Payday 2 puts Starbreeze in the green and rolls out the heavies

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If crime is your business then business is good. According to Starbreeze, developers of Payday 2 and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, they’ve turned a 15-year $14 million financial loss record into an almost $16 million net positive thanks to their latest games. Starbreeze CEO Bo Andersson Klint credited the turnaround to the company’s reorganization and focus on its own franchises in the latest earnings report. He went on to say that Starbreeze’s current success is based on a “pulse” schedule of sales and DLC releases on Steam. Klint also noted that Starbreeze has secured another $6 million from publisher 505 Games to commit to two more years of content support for Payday 2.

In related news, Starbreeze released the Death Wish update for Payday 2 on PC yesterday. It adds two more enemy types, (including the Elite Bulldozer pictured above) a new Death Wish difficulty level, more collectible masks, free in-game brass knuckles, and 35 more achievements. The update is free for all owners of Payday 2 on Steam.