Diablo III: Reaper of Souls pre-order offers Heroes of the Storm character

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Blizzard has released details of their Diablo III expansion pre-order offer. Players that pre-order Reaper of Souls on or before March 31st will be able to claim a code for Valla the Demon Hunter in the upcoming free-to-play Heroes of the Storm. (Shown in the top center of the image above.) According to the blog post, players may be waiting a while to actually make use of Valla.

Note that Heroes of the Storm is still deep in development and does not have an announced release date, but you can stay tuned to the official game site for future updates. Note also that pre-purchasing Reaper of Souls does not guarantee a spot in the eventual Heroes of the Storm alpha or beta tests.

Pre-order customers will also be able to claim a nifty set of angelic wings for their Diablo III character, so they can show everyone that they gave Blizzard their money early.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls will launch on March 25th. Patch 2.0.1 for Diablo III should go live today in preparation for the expansion.