Company of Heroes 2 scouts ahead to the Western Front

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Company of Heroes 2 received the Elbe Day Update which added a sneak peek at units from the upcoming Company of Heroes: 2 The Western Front Armies. The Elbe Day Update comes with a large list of balance changes and bug fixes, but the stars of the patch are the two new commanders that allow players to use reinforcements from the stand-alone expansion coming this June.

The Soviet Lend Lease Commander calls in an iconic Sherman tank to the battlefield. The Sherman was the primary battle tank used by the Western Allies and one of several vehicles the Soviet army had access to through the Lend Lease program with the United States.

The German Mobile Defense Doctrine Commander calls in the mobile Puma, an armored car equipped with a 50mm canon. The Puma is an 8 wheel vehicle who’s speed and versatility made it an ideal for scouting and reconnaissance missions.

Get the full list of changes here.