Something is terribly wrong in the Banished hamlet of Belch

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That’s my little township of Belch in Shining Rock Software’s Banished. It’s a city builder that pits the player’s colonial planning skills against the inevitable stranglehold of slow starvation. Imagine a Settlers game except mother nature wants to turn your town into another Roanoke Colony mystery. Bad weather, bad harvests, and breakable tools will kill your people faster than any native hordes. Anyway, that screenshot is from the third version of Belch. Belch Uno’s townsfolk withered during a cruel winter and starved to death. Belch Part Deux stupidly ran out of wood due to rampant deforestation and the townsfolk were unable to move forward. Belch the Third seemed to be doing just fine, but there was a problem. A major one.

Find out what terrible secret Belch hides after the break!

Information is your only ally in Banished, so it’s a good thing the game comes with many different ways to check out what’s going on. Want to know what’s happening to your food supply? Check the dwindling numbers in the Storehouse. Want to see which townsfolk live closest to their work? Click on the houses.


There’s a shot of Lorench and Milissa’s house. Lorench is a 19-year-old woodcutter and Milissa is a 14-year-old hunter. As you can see they’re both happy, healthy, and… Hey, don’t judge these colonists by our modern standards! So what if he’s 19 and she’s only 14? It’s a fact that people married much younger back then. They already have three children, an infant and twins about 4 years of age. Wait a minute. That would mean that Milissa was only – YIKES! Different standards and all that, but it’s just a bit much for me. Let’s try another house.


How about the charming residence of Fosteen and Nora? Fosteen is a strapping 16-year-old laborer, while Nora is a productive 18-year-old forester. They have a 9-year-old girl named Tenneth, a 5-year-old boy named Pleasar, and a baby called Jericka that is under a year old. Oh, for Pete’s sake! That makes Fosteen a father at 7! Gross.

Alright. How about Roosevelano and Dionna?


Nope. I’m not touching that one. Maybe the last house will be better?


Belch must be cleansed with fire.

Banished is available on Steam or the developer’s site for $19.99.