There is no room in Rift

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Well, that’s encouraging. Rift hasn’t even launched yet — this is just the headstart for pre-orders — and the player population on every single server is listed as “full” as of a half hour after the game went live. Well, I might as well see what happens if I try to join a server. I mean, what am I gonna do, not play? Here’s how that worked out:

To be fair, Rift’s queue time seems to move considerably faster than real time, so I’m guessing this is just some provision for managing the initial flood of users. But it’s a strange first impression to basically be told the game has no room for you and won’t for several hours.

If you plan to play Rift and you’d like to join the folks on this forum, here’s where you can find us when we actually, you know, get into the game.