Who’s that behind you in Payday 2?

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Okay, funtime is over kiddies. It’s time to get serious. Up to now, Payday 2 has been going easy on you. No more. As of today’s update, the cloakers are back. These Sam Fisher-esque dudes were the bane of heists in the first game, but for the sequel, they’ve been on sitting this one out. Polishing their nightvision goggles. Charging their stun batons. Practicing their fancy parkour. Now they’ve clocked in.

Returning from PAYDAY: The Heist, the Cloaker has come to spoil the fun and stop the heist. Good thing Gage has some new goodies for players’ inventory to keep that from happening. The Cloaker is a free update that is added to the game for everyone. He’ll gladly beat you with his baton, free of charge.

The cloaker update coincides with the release of a $5 pack that includes a couple new weapons and masks.