Onslaught DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts has the blackest eyes, the devil’s eyes

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I expected my favorite part of today’s Onslaught DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts would be the new map for extinction mode. Extinction mode is Ghost’s answer to the previous games’ zombie mode. It lets you and up to three other players run around on wide-open maps, setting up pitched defensive battles in which you have to hold out against swarms of alien bugs. Classic co-op stuff. I almost don’t even mind the lack of zombies. And the new extinction map in Onslaught adds a bad-ass boss battle against a giant alien bug. It’s impressive enough. But it’s not my favorite thing about the Onslaught DLC.

After the jump, call Dr. Loomis.

One of the killstreak options in Call of Duty: Ghosts is the maniac powerup. You become superfast and supertough, but you don’t get a gun. You run around with a knife stabbing people to death. Stab stab stab. I think there’s a variation of this in at least one other Call of Duty. It’s rather goofy. Stab stab stab. And, oh, the indignity! If there’s one thing more ignoble than having to kill dudes with a knife, its getting killed by a knife. Stab stab stab.

The new “Fog” map is a misty lakeside cabin in the woods, obviously a nod to horror movies. It’s suitably creepy except for the fact that it’s crawling with heavily armed soldiers letting rip with their guns, hucking grenades, and siccing guard dogs on each other. But on this map, there’s a dropped upgrade option that turns one of the players into a maniac. But not any ol’ maniac. A very specific maniac named Michael Myers, invented by John Carpenter in 1978’s seminal slasher movie, Halloween. Never mind that you’re running around Camp Crystal Lake, which is Jason Voorhees stomping ground. Because the answer to “where does Michael Myers pwn his victims?” is “anywhere he wants to”.

But the piece de resistance — yeah, I just used fancy French — is how the map changes when someone activates the Myers power up. It doesn’t. Unlike many other Call of Duty Ghosts maps, it’s the same map. What changes is that the theme to Halloween plays, and it keeps playing until someone kills Michael Myers. And that’s another way Myers trumps Voorhees. That 80s slasher synthesizer riff is way better than the silly ch-ch-HA-HA stuff that accompanies Jason.

The Onslaught DLC for Call of Duty: Ghosts, which is a better Halloween movie than anything Rob Zombie has made, is live today for the Xbox 360. It’s available for $15, or as the first of four sets of DLC in the $50 season’s pass.