Monster Monpiece is too sexy/sexist for America

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The developers of Monster Monpiece, a Vita strategy game intended for adults in which you rub the clothes off anime characters to make them more powerful, have decided that America can’t handle the game in its current form.

Idea Factory International, Inc. would like to inform fans and prospective users of Monster Monpiece that we have made the decision to remove several Monster Girl images from the North American and European versions of Monster Monpiece. The gameplay, game system, and storyline are fully intact and Idea Factory International strives to localize and publish Idea Factory titles with the same content as their Japanese releases. Here is the list of Monster Girls whose images have been limited to that of their level 1, 2, or 3 evolution form due to the strong sexual nature of the card images: Vampire, Kraken, Goblin, Cockatrice, Kobold, Skeleton, Titania, Bahamut, Fia, Brownie, Pegasus, Mandragora, Mau Sibau, Rafflesia, Death Scorpion, Phantom, and Tengu. We fully understand that there are needs and demands for the complete version of these games. Our intention and motivation is to offer Idea Factory titles in a form that is as close as possible to the Japanese versions. This was a tough decision, but we would greatly appreciate your understanding and support.

What a disappointing decision, even though this is probably a game I’ll never play. Not because of the sexual content. Instead, I simply have no tolerance for QTEs or screen rubbing gimmicks in my card strategy games. But it’s a shame that the weeping Graysons dictating the tone of the conversation in the videogame press have decided that sexuality and sexism are the same thing. At a time when there are more and stronger female characters in games than ever before, it’s too bad there’s also a ridiculous overreaction to harmless titillation in a dopey anime game.