Is Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen gonna rock?

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I don’t envy anyone trying to sell an MMO before it’s done. Heck, I don’t envy anyone trying to sell an MMO within a month after its inevitable launch woes. But when you’re making an new MMO, what are you gonna do? You put on your dog-and-pony show, you talk about your ideas for what it takes to make a good MMO, and maybe you bank on the reputation of what you’ve done before.

The latest MMO from veteran MMO maker Brad McQuaid — here’s where you opine about whether you liked Everquest, Vanguard, and whatever stories you might have heard about McQuaid (pictured) — is called Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. Pantheon: Getting Back Up Again. Pantheon: He’s Going to Try To Do It Again. Pantheon: Once More Into the Breach. Pantheon: Let’s Put On a Brave Face and Some Alpha Footage To Sell the Heck Out of This Thing. Pantheon: I’ll Even Do That Horns Things With My Hand.

For more information, and lots of terrible quotes from fake fantasy heroes, the Kickstarter page is here.