Super Mario 3D World: kicking it with Mario

Scott: For the most part the social interaction stuff has been harmless. Most folks are content to scrawl a little fun graffiti with their stickers, or comment on such and such level. The Miiverse posts are so antiseptic and innocent, it’s a nice alternative to what we usually see when anonymous gamers share their thoughts. It must be tough to moderate this content considering it’s not just text but also drawings and clipart mashups. What could be a dicey environment for kids has turned out to be pretty pleasant. The nice lady in the above screenshot even helped me spot an easter egg.

After the jump, not everyone is as nice as Amandine.

Tom: Ah, very helpful! Thanks, Amandine. I also got a Mii comment at the same location, but it was someone asking “What’s the point of this?” I guess he wasn’t privvy to Amandine’s helpful comment.

Scott: To Nintendo’s credit I haven’t seen even one penis, which is progress. But I did see this:


I guess Mario is supposed to be a pimp?

Tom: It seems like that Mario sticker is begging to be used inappropriately. Here’s the one I saw today, which adds sound effects for extra impact.


I’ve yeah’ed a few posts, but for the first time, I felt compelled to enter an actual text reply. Here is what I wrote:

u r a terrible person for kicking peachcat

There. You’re welcome, Edmund Burke.

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