Energy Hook is swinging onto the PlayStation 4 and Vita

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Energy Hook, Jamie Fristrom’s game about futuristic thrill-seekers getting in touch with their inner Peter Parker, will be coming to the PlayStation 4 and Vita systems in 2014. Fristrom revealed the new system ports during a Reddit exchange. He credited Twitter for helping him to get in touch with Sahid Kamal, business development manager at Sony. Fristrom explained that he had been turned down by Sony previously, but that through Twitter he was able to reach out to Kamal and negotiate a new deal.

“I’d previously been turned down by @nsuttner and pub fund, so it goes to show you can pitch to one department, blow it, lower your price (but also lowered what I offered, from complete exclusivity to just one month) and pitch a different region or department in the same company and still get in. Twitter has been amazing for my indie career.”

Jamie Fristrom spoke to Quarter to Three during our June 5th gaming podcast. Energy Hook is inspired by Jamie’s own work on the open world gameplay of Spider-Man 2.