Frozen Endzone is a game to play during a hangover

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Frozen Endzone, the new game from Mode 7 Games, has just entered beta. You can purchase it on the official site now and experience some simultaneous turn-based future robot sports in an unfinished state. Think arena football, or Warhammer’s Blood Bowl, but crossed with Mode 7’s previous game, Frozen Synapse. The matches take place on hovering platforms with randomly generated obstacles scattered about.

Gamasutra spoke to Mode 7’s Ian Hardingham about how they went from a tactical shooter to robot football.

“The key thing that I wanted to do differently from Synapse was, there was a lot of detail work in Frozen Synapse. You really had to spend a lot of time thinking about the angles, refining your plan to a really large degree. And that was awesome, but I wanted something I could play when I was a bit more hungover and [that played] a bit quicker.”

Sounds like my type of game!