Zen Pinball 2 is backwards compatible on the Playstation 4

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A handful of Zen Pinball 2 tables will be available for the Playstation 4 on December 17. There are even a couple of classics alongside the usual Star Wars and Marvel stuff (should we just start calling these “Disney” tables?). Who can complain about any selection of Zen Pinball tables that includes Paranormal and Earth Defense? Not me.

However, here’s the big news for those of you who already have collections on the Playstation 3.

If you own any of these on PS3, we invite you to download them on PS4 at no charge. This is our way of saying thank you to all of the players who have supported Zen Studios on PlayStation platforms over the years.

It’s a new platform, so you won’t be able to carry over your high scores. I can’t help but feel this is almost — almost! — a good thing. Nothing kills a table for me like having a really high high score that I know I’ll never be able to beat.

Zen Studios will announce details of their collaboration with Microsoft on the Xbox One sometime early next year.