Zombie apocalypses aren’t all bad in State of Decay

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The zombie apocalypse isn’t all bad. It’s mostly bad. But it’s not all bad. State of Decay, a brilliant rendition of the zombie apocalypse, encompasses both the good and bad.

After the jump, the real triumph and tragedy of the dead walking the earth.

In a zombie apocalypse, you can break all the rules.


A zombie apocalypse is better with a little classic T and A from the 70s, Firebird style.


You could ride on this for free. If it were running.


It’s a damn shame that civilization has ended, so we’ll never be able to see Frost Giant Stripper or Musk.


Not to mention Clowning Around or Lathe IV. Dremel’s return was awfully short lived.


Tattoos are now functional. What’s more, tattoo artists are now in demand. All that prison time pays off!


Here’s a sight you’ll probably only see in the harder levels of the Breakdown DLC. Normally, special zombies don’t hang out with each other. Have fun getting screamed at while a juggernaut rips you limb from limb. The bloater gas just adds insult to fatal injury.


State of Decay’s Breakdown DLC is out now. Read the review here.