If you’ve got about $50,000, you could own the Section 8 franchise

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TimeGate’s intellectual property is the subject of a bidding war between Atari, SouthPeak Interactive, and Digital Tribe Games. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the three companies have offered bids for the rights to the Section 8 franchise as well as Minimum, the game TimeGate was working on when they went bankrupt.

According to court papers, CNH teamed with game developer Digital Tribe Games to offer $50,000 in cash plus a 25% royalty on the two games, topping a winning bid by France’s Atari SA. SouthPeak Interactive Corp., which won a multimillion-dollar arbitration award against TimeGate in their dispute over “Section 8,” also says its offer – $40,000 and a 50% royalty – is better than Atari’s, which tried to unload some of its U.S. assets in bankruptcy court earlier this year.

I really liked Section 8: Prejudice’s bots, and the way the game used dynamic goals in multiplayer to change up the gameplay. Alas, the game didn’t sell very well, so multiplayer died quickly. Perhaps a new owner will revitalize the franchise, or at least remove GFWL from the PC version of the game?