When will Crusader Kings II get Ruth Gordon, projectile vomiting, or a killer shark?

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Paradox, a company that does things with strategy games no other developer would even dream of doing, has apparently put some classic 70s horror into the Sons of Abraham add-on for Crusader Kings II. According to an after-action report from Galloglasses on the Paradox forums, certain children might attract certain mysterious caretakers who put on certain dramatic shows of devotion:

Out for a picnic, my king looked up, saw the nun on top of an old watchtower in her habit (or some other black robes)…she shouted down to my daughter Sebdan, proclaiming her love for her. And then jumped. My daughter clapping all the way to her bloody smushy death.

That bit was probably just a text event, but the real cleverness comes from how Paradox codes the narrative arc of The Omen into Crusader Kings II’s gameplay system. And how it further escalates into a uniquely Medieval version of the story. Read the rest here.

(Thanks Fenris!)