Four of Small World’s races writ large

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Days of Wonder is selling sculpted figures of four of the races from the Small World games. I can’t imagine who would ever buy them, considering they’re $100 each. There’s no telling what they’re made of. They’re each a bit over 20cm tall. I have no idea how tall that is in American. But they sure do look nice. Get a closer look here. But Days of Wonder cautions:

Note that the Amazon figure is mildly NSFW. If you, or your family, are offended by partial nudity, you should not view or purchase the Amazon.

It’s an odd choice of races. Isn’t the halfling the signature Small World race? The spiderine is from Underworld, so you won’t recognize her if you only know Small World from the excellent iPad version. But the wizard instead of the sorcerer? And what is the wizard doing to that sheep? No kobolds? And more to the point, what kind of skeleton, spiderine, wizard, and amazon are these? Flying? Heroic? Swamp? Dragon master? Flocking?