November 11: wallet threat level early Bioware

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The Enhanced Edition of Baldur’s Gate II is out for PCs this week. This is Bioware’s classic RPG with the Throne of Bhaal add-on included. It’s also got a whole mess of new content, new characters, an updated interface, new cinematics, and support for monitors you wouldn’t have even dreamed of when you first played it back in 2000. It’s also only $25. Get it here.

For something a little more latest-gen, X: Rebirth is the latest in the X series of open-world space games that are too complicated for you. XCOM’s expansion, Enemy Within, adds mechs and biogenetic mods for your soldiers. Deadfall Adventures is an Uncharted-a-like from the folks who did the wonderfully unhinged Necrovision and the Painkiller remake. It’s no Necrovision. But then again, what is. Finally, the latest Killzone will be available for $600 ($60 for the game itself and $540 or so for a platform to play it on).