Halloween week gaming round-up part 3

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Halloween is here! Silver Shamrock day! Do you know what that means aside from giving candy to kids and dressing as a sexy vampire nurse? It means developers add pumpkin-themed content to games because there’s nothing scarier than orange polygons.

Introversion Software has added a sweet goodie for players of Prison Architect. Build a yard large enough to hold a big group of prisoners at once and you may see them perform a “thrilling” dance. Developer Chris Delay told Eurogamer that they will probably patch it out after the holiday “before we get sued into oblivion.”

League of Legends has kicked off The Harrowing, which features a way to send a random hero skin to a buddy as a gift. Riot Games guarantees that the skin sent will not be a duplicate of something the friend already owns.

Borderlands 2 currently offers TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest DLC which tasks players with finding and killing a Pumpkin Kingpin. It’s short, but it’s filled with Halloween goodness. Kill the pumpkins. Kill them all.

Payday 2, the game that revolves around collecting Halloween masks, starts its Hell to Pay event in-game today. Join the Payday 2 Steam Group and fire up the game to collect the treats! You’ll get an Interceptor 45 handgun, a tactical light for your secondary weapon, and one of four special Halloween masks when you log in. Keep completing jobs and you could unlock the other three masks and six rare patterns as random loot until the event ends on November 4th.

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